Target USA Charities and Voluntary Organizations with the most accurate data available.

View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what type of information is supplied:-

Full email addresses are made available to buyers but are not shown in this publicly viewable Video. All Information Fields from the List are shown in the Video. No other categories of information such as fax numbers or contact names are supplied. Not all records in the List include postal addresses or telephone #’s – see above the Video for counts. While all our Lists are regularly updated this Video is only updated periodically and may contain some out of date information.


Our List of USA Charities and Voluntary Organizations is your most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for finding new contacts in the USA.  The List includes details such as the organizations website, email address contacts, street address and telephone numbers – vital intelligence to help you reach your target audience.

Investing in accurate and up to date  data which includes both email and street addresses as well as phone numbers will enable you to establish which approach works best to build relationships with new contacts.

Our List of USA Charities and Voluntary Organizations is the best available and here are just a few reasons why:

~ Unlimited Usage – use the list as many times as you want.

~ Your Email and Direct Mail promotions are guaranteed to be deliverable. See Terms.

~ CASS** verified postal addresses.

~ Regularly updated Email addresses.

~ Easy to Use – the list is supplied is CSV format and will open in Excel.

~ Fast Delivery via a download link within a few hours of payment.

~ Low Price – Over 76,000 Email Address Contacts for just $199.00

This is what is included in the List of USA Charities and Voluntary Organizations:- 

~  24,930 Unique Organizations – ALL with Email Address Contacts

~  76,664 Unique Email Address Contacts

~  25,869 Unique Website Addresses

~  82% of records with CASS** Verified Street Addresses

~  18% of records with partial address – all records include State and Email Addresses.

~  81% of records with Telephone Numbers

**  See top navigation bar to read more about CASS verification
FREE BONUS LIST:-   If you purchase The List of USA Charities and Voluntary Organizations you will ALSO receive a free bonus .csv file containing the records of over 7,000 other Charitable Organizations in the USA where we do not have Email Address Contact details. ALL these extra and free records include Website Address, Organization Name, a CASS verified postal address and a telephone number but to repeat, unlike the records in the paid for List, the records in this free bonus list do NOT include email addresses although in many cases you can still email those listed via their website Contact page.

No List is perfect but our guarantee is the best in the industry.

We believe our lists contain the most accurate and update information possible. After all,  few other suppliers go to such lengths to ensure that the data you purchase is as accurate and up to date.

But we also recognize that no database can be perfect. Organizations are constantly opening, closing and relocating. So it’s natural to receive a small amount of outdated records.

That’s why we offer our 100% guarantee of deliverability for both the Email and CASS Verified Street addresses listed. You’ll receive a full refund for any portion of the records that are undeliverable. See our Terms and Conditions page for full details.

The List of USA Charities  was last updated during:  September 2020

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* csv files will open seamlessly in Excel and most other spreadsheet and database programs.